Length:  10’6” or 13’

Width:  27” or 28”

Depth:  10”

Weight & Cost:

10’6” Version

   Kevlar - 18 lbs - $1,449

Other Laminates By Request

13’ Version

   Kevlar - 25 lbs - $1,749

Other Laminates Available

By Request


   Each Betula (simulated

   birchbark) is a uniquely

   handcrafted canoe.  Every

   boat is an individual work

   of art -- no two the same.

   The graphic simulation is

   textured and part of the

   laminating process -- not

   simply painted on -- tarred

   seams and all.

Gunnels:  choice of native cherry or ash.  All Betula models include scuppers, wood decks and leather strapping where gunnels meet the stems of the hull.

Seating:  due to the historical

   replica nature of the Betula

   the standard seat options

   are available but they are

   not as esthetically pleasing

   with the simulated birch-

   bark.  There are several

   choices for seats or

   kneeling thwarts that

   should be discussed at the

   time of ordering.

Flotation: the Betula includes positive foam filled flotations chambers at each end.

Footrests: adjustable

   footrests are available as

   an option on all Betula


Rob Frenette  

of Raquette River Outfitters

paddling a Betula, Tupper Lake, NY

The Betula (simulated birchbark) is available in

two lengths:  10’6” & 13’.  The Betula 10’6” & 13’ are the same hull as the Wee Lassie and Impulse but is produced with more depth at the stems to produce a very attractive shear line for the gunnels.  A variety of cane seat selections are available for all versions of the Betula.

Slipstream Watercraft

Discover Ultra-light Paddling

From The Foothills Of

The Adirondack Mountains

In Northern New York


email:  slipstreamwatercraft@gmail.com

Popular with reenactment lovers.  The Betula offers the esthetics of a bark canoe while preserving the performance, weight and low maintenance characteristics of modern composite materials such as kevlar.

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