Inspire 14.5 Solo / Tandem


As the team at Slipstream searched for a design that would serve well as an outstanding solo canoe as well as a great small tandem, it became clear that the hunt would lead us to the traditional designs of Adirondack legend John Henry Rushton.

Many thanks go to Marc Ornstein -- it’s Marc’s appreciation for classic designs coupled with an understanding of the capability of modern materials that makes the Inspire even more distinctive than the original Rushton.

Ultimately, the Rushton Indian Girl was selected as inspiration for the Inspire 14.5.  Extremely pretty lines with a beautiful shear -- work on the plug and mold is somewhat slowed because we spend much time standing back to admire the lines.

Production is expected to begin some time in February of 2019.  Pricing is as shown below although final weights have not yet been determined.

Inspire 14.5 Solo                                                Inspire 14.5 Tandem

$2,095 - KC Hybrid                                            $2,295 - KC Hybrid

$2,245 - IBKC Hybrid                                         $2,445 - IBKC Hybrid

$2,445 - Carbon                                                 $2,645 - Carbon

KC Hybrid = Kevlar & Carbon

IBKC Hybrid = Innegra, Basalt, Kevlar & Carbon


Please email ( to request an Inspire 14.5 order form or call 518.423.8827.