Inspire 16

The Inspire 16 is a unique canoe from the collaborative efforts of John Henry Rushton and Marc Ornstein.  Although John and Marc are separated by more than 100 years, both are of similar ilk when it comes to canoes.  The lines of the original Rushton Indian Girl were slightly modified by Marc in order to take advantage of the capabilities of modern materials.  However, it’s clear that Rushton still lives in the design.

No matter the angle or position of your gaze, the Inspire 16 will make you smile.  She’s elegant and pretty with some rocker and tumblehome that makes for extraordinary paddling.  As we interviewed highly experienced paddlers as to which 16’ design Slipstream should add to its line, it was almost unanimous that it should be the Rushton Indian Girl!  The Rushton genius “inspired” us to produce the Inspire 16.

Inspire 16

$2,395.00  KC Hybrid @ 30 lbs. (Kevlar & Carbon)

$2,545.00  IBKC Hybrid @ 30 lbs. (Innegra, Basalt, Kevlar & Carbon)

$2,745.00 Carbon @ 25 lbs.


Please email ( to request an Inspire 16 order form or call 518.423.8827.