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And perhaps above all . . . subjective.

$35 Laser Engraved Custom Wood Deck Plates

Personalize Your Boat

   We’ve engraved:  “The Journeyer”,

   “Peace”, “Integrity”, “Wee Lassie”

            owners names and more.

Color Selection (no charge)

Darker colors tend to be more difficult to spot on the water -- lighter colors are clearly more visible.  Pigmented (colored) boats have greater UV resistance.

Click Here For Color Choices

Gunnels (no charge)

Native cherry or ash are available as standard options.  Other species are available at an additional charge of $50.



Seating Options & Seating Accessories

for canoes & kayaks

We offer all of the Surf-to-Summit seats.  There are dozens of choices. click here to go to the Surf-to-Summit website.

The Surf-to-Summit Tall Back or KOF 301 seat comes standard.  It is placed upon a 1” thick pad of closed cell foam that extends from gunnel, along the bottom of the hull and up to the opposite gunnel.  Webbing binds the seat in place but it is easily removable.


KHS 401 Spicy

Minimalists will appreciate the comfortable foam pad that has a self adhesive backing and may be permanently attached to the hull.  Light as a feather . . . almost.


KTB 102 Tall Back with Fishing Pack & 2 Rod Holder

Trolling becomes easy with this seat.  Firmly holds two rods while keeping hands free for paddling.  So comfortable you won’t even realize that you haven’t had a bite in hours.  Light weight and removable.


KGT 314 Elite

The Elite takes comfort to a new level.  Significantly more foam is pleated into both the backrest and buttocks portions of the seat.  Dramatically improves long term comfort.  Light weight and removable.


KGT 334 Pro

A bit larger in surface area, especially under the buttocks, makes the Pro extremely comfortable.  Slightly thicker foam prevents bottoming out.  Light weight and removable.


KGT 400 Expedition

Ultra padded in the buttocks area with thicker foam at contact points.  Most people feel this is the most comfortable of the Surf-to-Summit seats.  Light weight and removable.

Accessories for Surf-to-Summit Seats


KSP 101

Standard Pack


KSP 102

2 Rod Fishing Pack


KSP 310

GTS Pack


KSP 312

2 Water Bottle Pack


KSP 313

Dry Bag Pack


KSP 314

Hydration Pack

The Hurricane Seat

Fully adjustable:  the back angles forward or back; the lumbar support moves up or down; the buttocks pad raises or declines -- all easily adjusted even while sitting in the canoe.  The Hurricane is comfortable and has a larger butt pad than the Surf-to-Summit seats but it has the disadvantage of weighing approximately six pounds.


Options & Outfitting

$49 Flotation +2.5 lbs

All Slipstream boats are produced without flotation because many paddlers wish to use dry storage flotation bags -- if flotation bulkheads are factory installed it makes use of the dry bags almost impossible.  However, we do recommend positive foam flotation if you are not intending to use the triangular dry bags.  Positive foam flotation ads a few pounds to the canoe but is well worth the weight and expense from a safety perspective.

Most people don’t need more depth

Additional Depth + 1 lb / inch

Adding additional depth may be helpful with heavy loads and big water.  An inch of added depth makes a significant difference.  Paddlers less than 5’9” tall (unless unusually long in the torso) are likely to be unhappy with additional depth.  If added depth is important, contact Slipstream about a variety of creative solutions that can provide greater freeboard while maintaining paddling comfort and peace of mind.


$59 Gunnel Scuppers +1 lb

Spaces between the gunnels are reminiscent of traditional wood rib canoes.  While wood ribs are no longer part of modern composite technology, scuppers are very attractive.  Scuppers also serve the purpose of allowing water to be more easily emptied  from the canoe. and they further stiffen the gunnel line.

$69 Rowing Rig (Removable)

Solid wood and fully adjustable to fit any canoe.  Quickly installed or removed.  May be used with oars or canoe paddles.  Great if you want to see where you’ve been and to cover long

distances with speed.

Seats & Yokes

This is a small sample of seats, yokes and other do-dads available.  Slipstream carries the entire line of products from Essex Industries.  The seat at top left is popular in the Betula -- it has the advantage of being removable for campfire use -- the back

folds flush with the seat.

Cane canoe seats make excellent replacement seats on any canoe (ash).  Available in cane or webbing, natural ash or walnut stain.

$35  This removable carry yoke (cedar) is designed specifically for the Wee Lassie or the Impulse.  Installs and removes in less than a minute without tools.  Also doubles as extra support for entry/exit -- 60 seconds to install it, get in the boat, another 60 seconds to remove it.

Folding Cane Back Seat


Cane Canoe Seat


Decks are precision made using state-of-the-art CNC machines.  Custom laser engraving produces exceptional results.

Allow For Fido

$25 Fido Option & Other

Non-paddling Passenger Adjustment

Proper trim is essential to optimal performance.  Many boats have fixed seats which force paddlers to add rocks in order to compensate for pets, gear or kids as passengers.

Slipstream is different . . .

Provide the approximate weight and preferred location in the boat for your “passenger”.  We’ll optimize your seating placement and/or make it adjustable to insure proper trim/performance.

Working With Essex Industries To Create Functional Outfitting Options

Most Popular

$31 Flat cane or webbing

$40 Contoured cane or webbing

The hung style canoe seat is very popular in the Impulse 13 -- available in cane or webbing.  Options on this style seat include the typical straight seat with an adequate seating area.

Also available, as shown, with a much wider seat and contoured for additional comfort.  The wider seat becomes more important if using a single blade canoe paddle -- it enables getting closer to the gunnel and water for more efficient and comfortable paddle strokes.

The Downside:

Hung seats add 4 - 5 pounds

$30 Kneeling Thwart

Especially popular in the Betula but functional in all models.

$100 Elegant Seating

Reminiscent Of Traditional

Guideboat Seats

Cherry with cane, comfortable.  Available on all models.

$25 Internal Scratch Pads

Several layers of kevlar and or carbon laminated into the hull at both stems, ends and under the seat area.

Designed to protect from abuse and scraping on rocks and shallow waters.

+1.25 lbs




Consider combining species:  Ash outer gunnel with cherry inner -- gorgeous!!!

Go ahead . . . get creative!

Cross-over Outfitting Option

For Impulse 13 & Sportduo 13

Nearly half of all Impulse 13s and Sportduo 13s are purchased

with “Cross-over Outfitting”

The Impulse 13 is designed as a solo canoe - paddle it with a canoe or kayak paddle.

The Sportduo 13 is designed as a tandem - paddle it with canoe or kayak paddles.

Add the “Cross-over Option” to enable the Impulse 13 to be paddled tandem or the Sportduo 13 to be paddle solo.  Cost depends on seat selection.