The Sacandaga 14


The Sacandaga 14 -- a canoe that has perked our interest and truly surprised us in a most positive way.  Wide canoes have the reputation for paddling like a barge.  Not so with the Sacandaga 14 -- even though it’s stable enough to stand in!  Shown in Maraschino red at the Slipstream shop in Broadalbin, NY, the pretty shear line accompanied by wood gunnels, scuppers and contoured seats proves to be a captivating and functional integration of esthetics and performance.


14’ Length                    12” Depth

39” Width                      825 Pound Capacity


$2,445        38 pounds      Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid

$2,595        40 pounds      Innegra, Basalt, Kevlar         

                                          & Carbon Hybrid

$2,845        29 pounds      Carbon


$3,224        38 pounds      Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid

$3,430        40 pounds      Innegra, Basalt, Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid

$3,774        30 pounds      Carbon

Vacuum Bagged Infusion offers several advantages: better fiber to resin ratios, increased strength, lower void content

Discover Ultralight Paddling -- if you can’t lift it you can’t load it or paddle it!

Standard outfitting includes a deep carry yoke, two traditional hung style canoe seats (cane or webbing), choice of species on wood gunnels, choice of color or in the natural “fish catcher” hybrid and a foam cored hull.

Numerous options include:

Rigging for fishing such as rod holders, anchor management, etc.

Custom laser engraved decks

Several flotation options

Removable seat options that further lighten the canoe by 10-15 pounds for even easier loading on your vehicle.

And many more.

For An Order Form

Please Contact Slipstream at

518.423.8827 or email

As usual with the Slipstream Policy, we do not accept deposits and there’s no obligation to purchase the boat after you get to see and demo paddle it.  Simply tell us what you want and when.

Note:  While the no obligation to purchase policy is a fact, the policy works best if picking up your boat at Slipstream in Broadalbin, NY or Fairport, NY.  If a boat is shipped there is still no obligation to purchase.  However, the customer is responsible for shipping in both directions.

Happy Paddling!

Paddle Tandem

Paddle Solo

A true sportsman’s and family canoe with extraordinary stability, enormous capacity and peace-of-mind seaworthiness.

~Impressive as a hunting or fishing platform

~Excellent as a camping canoe

~Great for photography, bird watching and

   family fun