Length:  13’

Width:  29”

Depth:  11”

Capacity:  550 pounds

Weight & Cost:

   KC Hybrid - $1,995 - 21 lbs

   IBKC Hybrid - $2,095 - 21 lbs

   Carbon - $2,195 - 17 lbs

KC Hybrid = Kevlar & Carbon

IBKC Hybrid = Innegra, Basalt,

   Kevlar & Carbon

This shows the Hybrid laminate -- the black is carbon, the gold is kevlar.  Together they appear almost green -- sorry, can’t explain that.  The carbon laminate is pure black.

Color:  see Color Chart

   page for selections.  We

   do not use gelcoat.

   While gelcoat does

   provide good color and

   some protection from

   scratching, we believe

   the added weight is not

   worth the slight increase

   in protection.  We

   pigment the resin which

   carries the color

   completely through the

   laminate and offers

   excellent UV protection.

Gunnels: nothing looks or

   feels as good as wood.

   Native cherry or ash are

   available at no additional

   charge.  If you’re looking

   for something exotic or

   outrageous just give us a

   yell -- Zebra wood, you

   name it.

Seating:  standard seating

   is a pair of Surf-to-Summit

   KOF 301 foam

   seats and backrest.  It’s

   quite comfortable even for a

   few hours at a stretch.

   Check out the Options

   page for additional

   seating choices.

Flotation:  the Sportduo

   is produced without


   The boat is produced

   without flotation because

   so many paddlers wish

   to use triangular dry

   bags which will not fit

   well with flotation

   chambers at the ends.

   Flotation is available (and

   recommended) as shown

   on the Options page.

Footrests: adjustable

   footrests are standard on

   all Sportduo models.


Fishing / Family / Fun

A Tandem Canoe

Without The Typical 75+ Pounds

Concinnity” - the skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something

Truly, the Sportduo 13 is an example of “concinnity”!  Lean entry lines, pretty curves fore and aft, attractive shear, wood outfitting . . .  synergy that produces a unique watercraft.

Effortless cruising with room to stretch your legs.  Superb tracking makes the Sportduo 13 an excellent choice for a thirty minute sunset paddle or day-long cruising.


Confidence Building Stability

Rewarding Responsiveness

Surprising Speed

May Also Be Paddled Solo

The Sportduo 13 is atypical for a tandem -- it’s quite responsive and quick while exhibiting stability that will inspire confidence for novice paddlers and comfort for those with experience.

Whether fishing, taking photos or stalking wildlife, the Sportduo tracks extremely well even at very slow speeds.  This translates into the ability to glide toward your objective (photo op, rising trout, etc.) without constant steering or paddle strokes that spook wildlife.

The Sportduo . . .

~ Capable of significant loads without

    compromising performance

~ Surprising speed gets you there with less


~ Dozens of comfortable seating options

~ Adjustable footrests for both paddlers

~ Casual paddling; fishing; distance cruising;

    backwater exploring -- the Sportduo makes it

    all possible without needing a crane or a

    couple of weightlifters to load the boat onto

    your vehicle -- portaging a mile or more

    isn’t an issue!

~ Fishing remote locations becomes a whole

    new experience when two people can share

    the same boat that weighs as little as 18 lbs!

Part of the Slipstream Team . . .

father and son catching a sunset but no fish for dinner

Slipstream Watercraft

Discover Ultra-light Paddling

From The Foothills Of

The Adirondack Mountains

In Northern New York


email:  slipstreamwatercraft@gmail.com

Both photos showing a Sportduo 13 loaded with just under 400 pounds.  While the design isn’t intended for nasty paddling conditions with high winds and large waves, it’s a very capable hull.

The speed, capacity, stability and light weight open an immense new world of paddling opportunities . . .

all without the 75+ pounds of a typical tandem canoe.

Note Face-to-Face Seating Option

Sportduo 13

Stable / Quick / A Pleasure To Paddle

Order Form At Bottom

Sportduo 13

Equally At Home With Canoe Or Kayak Paddles

X Marks The Spot


Please email (slipstreamwatercraft@gmail.com) to request a Sportduo 13 order form or call 518.423.8827.