Soon To Be In Production

St. Regis 12

In The Tradition of John Henry Rushton and Bart Hauthaway

The St. Regis 12 is in production and orders are being accepted.  It’s a brand new addition in the Slipstream “Legacy Series” of classic designs.  The St. Regis was designed by Bart Hauthaway who was inspired by the John Henry Rushton boats of similar size.

Specs:  Length 12‘     Beam 30”     Depth 9 1/2” to 11 1/2” (your choice)

Laminate Options:

$1,519 Kevlar @ 21 lbs

$1,619 Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid @ 17 lbs

$1,744 Innegra/Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid @ 19 lbs

$1,869 Carbon @ 14 lbs

$2,009 Outback @ 29 lbs

This website page will be updated with all details ASAP.  However, we can email an order form your way -- just yell to us at

Please call 518.423.8827 or email: for an order form.