To Smile About . . .

Blue Mountain Lake, NY

If only we had a photo.  Try to picture Forest Ranger, Jason Scott, in his Wee Lassie paddling across Blue Mountain Lake in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains . . . nothing particularly noteworthy about that . . . UNTIL you learn that he was delivering an outhouse door balanced across the Lassie!  Thanks Jason, we’ll all think of you as we enjoy the benefits of your effort.


Paddle Like A Girl

Saratoga Springs, NY

Early spring on Fish Creek just east of Saratoga Lake.  Paddling the “Survivor-Thriver” -- a pink Wee Lassie created in the spirit of courage and enthusiasm shown by breast cancer survivors.  In our opinion, “thriver” better describes the attitude and appreciation exhibited by the survivors we’ve had the great pleasure of meeting.

It’s Pink!  It’s Kevlar!
It’s 14 Pounds!

You Could Win

This Pink Canoe

Cindy, from the Susan G Komen organization, picking up the “Survivor-Thriver” pink Wee Lassie that Slipstream Watercraft has donated for their fundraising raffle.


Believe It Or Not!

Another “Believe It Or Not”!

A nearly completed camo Wee Lassie for Frank Foley . . . so?

Part of the Slipstream Team were on their way from Northern New York to the Yellowstone and Grand Teton high country for some paddling, hiking and mountain biking.  They were passing near Buffalo, NY (where Frank Foley finds home) so the idea was to deliver the Lassie and save Frank several hours of driving.  One problem . . . the SUV was already loaded with bikes and two Wee Lassies.


Squirm the Wee Lassie into the motor home (had to deploy the driver’s side slide-out) and connect with Frank in Buffalo.

    Unusual Delivery

Frank hauling his new camo Wee Lassie out of the motor home.

“As for the canoe . . . love it!  I’m so glad I chose the camo.  It’ll be my “trophy” canoe.  Thanks.”  Frank Foley


Slipstream Watercraft

Discover Ultra-light Paddling

From The Foothills Of

The Adirondack Mountains

In Northern New York



Randi Kish . . . “straining” with 13 1/2 pounds of pink!  She had us laser engrave “The Journeyer” on her deck.

Art Hagedorn test paddling a natural kevlar Wee Lassie.  He ended up with chocolate though . . . who doesn’t like chocolate?

Twin Royal Blue Wee Lassies were the order for Karen & Ed Solomon.  Ed’s has the most scratches.

Please send us your photos so we can share them with the Slipstream family.

“I LOVE my boat !!  It really is fantastic.  So easy to handle in and out of the water.  Thank you so much!!  I go out so often and it’s effortless.  Exactly as I hoped.  The boat has been noticed and admired by many.”     Randi Kish

Back To

Fly fishing friend on Friend’s Lake -- is that alliteration?  Tom Nold showing great form in a Wee Lassie but nothing for dinner.

Who says Old Forge, NY has crummy May weather?  Amy Beall in her new 14 pound Wee Lassie.

Elaine Dellande with her new Classy Wee Lassie -- her paddling partner had to settle for a Bell (just teasing . . . Bell is an outstanding product).

William Lockwood on Collins Pond.  Pushin’ up a bow wave there Bill -- it’s not nice to out maneuver the gulls.  William tested his Wee Lassie, GPS and all

@ 5+ mph.

Steve Ladin paddling on the big and wide Hudson at Kingston, NY.  This was a trials day -- his associate Beckett wasn’t too happy about being left on the beach.  Steve is an artist and now owns a natural kevlar Wee Lassie.

Why so happy?  Christina Capobianco is the winner of the “Paddle Like A Girl” pink canoe which Slipstream Watercraft donated to the Susan G Komen breast cancer survivors program.  We’ve been told the Wee Lassie will find its home on Loon Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York.

Theresa Mahoney checking out a Wee Lassie on Fish Creek.  By-the-way, Theresa’s 84 years young!  That’s got to make you smile.

Elaine Dellande obviously enjoying a late fall day in Pennsylvania.

Frank Foley in his Real Tree Camo Wee Lassie out Buffalo way.  This Lassie is 3” deeper than standard and Frank has made some interesting modifications (not shown).

That’s some kind of husband!

Patrick Wagner, at the Slipstream Outpost in Fairport, NY presenting his wife Jillian with a great birthday present -- a custom Wee Lassie -- cherry gunnels with scuppers and a custom laser engraved deck.

Jillian’s deck reads . . .

“Everyone must believe in something, I believe I’ll go canoeing.”

                       ~ Thoreau ~

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I love it :)”

        Says Jillian Wagner

        after getting home

        with her new Lassie.

Bill O’Brien & Bill O’Brien -- father and son -- both with new Forest Green Wee Lassies.  Bill, the senior, is a fly fishing guide.  You can find Bill’s profile on Linkedin -- or cast us an email and we’ll pass your contact info along to Bill.

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It may not be an Easter Egg but it’s the perfect color!

Four-year-old Madison in her new Wee Lassie -- and it’s light enough for her to carry!

Len Reichel with his custom Wee Lassie hybrid @ 10 pounds.  He packs in several miles to fish back ponds.  Len is a WWII Veteran (thank you) who served on a submarine.

Charlie Mendez and the “boys”.  “Had the boat out several times and I want to thank you for your input on moving the thwart.  It’s a great boat and you provide great customer service.”

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