Wood Duck 12

An Extraordinary Kayak

Slipstream Watercraft

Discover Ultra-light Paddling

From The Foothills Of

The Adirondack Mountains

In Northern New York


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Absolutely unique in appearance, design and performance!  AND you’ll be able to load it on your vehicle without help.

If a single kayak has the ability to do it all, the Wood Duck 12 is it.  Touring, fishing, photography, camping . . . stable, quick, comfortable with a roomy cockpit . . . tracks well and responds nicely to steering strokes.

The Wood Duck 12 is an outstanding design for the novice yet it rewards skillful paddlers with exceptional performance.  Many paddlers “grow out” of a design that doesn’t respond to their increases in skill -- the Wood Duck is a design that paddlers of all levels will enjoy.

A perky bow and stern contribute to the sublime good looks: an attractive shear line.  While extremely seaworthy, the Wood Duck makes for great paddling in any venue . . . mountain lakes and streams, open ocean and tidal estuaries.

The Wood Duck boasts significant storage capacity via optional large watertight hatches, lunch hatch, phone/wallet hatch.

Several seating options insure the comfort and security of your favorite easy-chair.

We dare you to test paddle the Wood Duck!

Length:  12’

Beam:  30”

Cockpit: 20” x 38”

Rocker: 2.75”

Several Hatch Options

Hand Laminated

Weight & Cost:

$2,495 - Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid

     @ 23 lbs

$2,595 - Innegra, Basalt, Kevlar &

     Carbon Hybrid @ 26 lbs

$2,795 - Carbon @ 20 lbs

Vacuum Bagged Infusion

Weight & Cost:

$3,212 - Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid

     @ 24 lbs

$3,332 - Innegra, Basalt, Kevlar &

     Carbon Hybrid @ 27 lbs

$3,569 - Carbon @ 21 lbs

Color:  see Color Chart page

   for selections.

Seating: “Comfort Connection”

   seating is crucial to paddling

   any boat . . . especially a kayak!

   Day-long excursions require

   total comfort but it doesn’t

   stop there.  Connection to the

   boat is equally important.  We

   all have a different shaped

   derriere and we require

   subjective choices.

   Options include foam pads,

   adjustable backstraps, thickly

   padded seats with integrated

   backrests, hatch options and


A word from John C Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft

“We of Chesapeake Light Craft were thrilled at the opportunity to create a composite Wood Duck 12.  In converting one of our best-selling kayak kits of all time from stitch-and-glue to composite construction, we had to proceed with caution, as the Wood Duck’s delightful handling qualities had to be preserved at any cost.  We think the result captures all of the Wood Duck’s spunky good looks and efficient handling, and throws in a few fresh tweaks that are only possible in a mold-built hull.  For example, we gave the hull a more prominent “skeg” in the stern for stronger tracking.  We also introduced a touch of convexity into the hull sections to lower wetted surface and allow a stiffer-yet-lighter hull.  We don’t think the Slipstream Watercraft Wood Duck 12 gives up a bit of the plywood original’s charm, and may in fact add to it.”

                                                    John C Harris, CLC Boats

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A noteworthy project that has come to fruition -- the Wood Duck 12 is a kayak for all seasons and reasons.  Ultra light in weight, stable, responsive, roomy, easy entry/exit and more -- all wrapped in an exquisite form.