Woods Canoe 12

A new model that’s a true Classic -- the Woods Canoe 12

More details will follow -- the website is being completely reworked and updated.

Please call 518.423.8827 or email slipstreamwatercraft@gmail.com for more info.


Length: 12’

Gunnel Width: 30”

Waterline: 32”

Depth: 12”

Capacity:  375 pounds

Seating choices include:

~ Kneeling Thwart

~ Hung style canoe seat in

   cane or webbing

~ Kayak style seat

Price, Laminate & Weight

$1,895 - KC Hybrid - 20 lbs

$1,995 - IBKC Hybrid - 20 lbs

$2,095 - Carbon - 17 lbs

KC = Kevlar & Carbon Hybrid

IBKC = Innegra, Basalt, Kevlar

     & Carbon Hybrid

The Woods Canoe 12 is produced in a two part mold -- the stripe you see is the seam line.  It’s possible to build the upper and lower portions in different colors as well as having various seam colors.

The Woods Canoe 12 is available with composite style outfitting as shown below in the green canoe or with wood outfitting as shown above on the red canoe.  No difference in price or weight.


Please email (slipstreamwatercraft@gmail.com) to request a Woods Canoe order form or call 518.423.8827.